The Colorado House and Senate Journals Collection is a digital replica of the journal collection held by the William A. Wise Law Library. Each document represents a single session of the House or Senate of the General Assembly, regardless of the original number of print volumes in which the session proceedings would have been published..

Researchers may also search the collection from the Colorado Session Laws Collection. Using links in the Colorado Session Laws records, Researchers can navigate to specific places in the House and Senate Journals Collection which pertain to the enacted bill.

This project was paid for in part by a grant from the Colorado Statewide Internet Portal Authority.  Special thanks to the University of Colorado Government Information Library for contributing several volumes to the collection which were missing from the Wise Law Library.

Years available to search:
Years 1993 to 1996 are coming soon.

For journals from 1997 to 2015, visit the General Assembly's
Prior Session Information legacy page.

For later journals from prior sessions,
visit the General Assembly's new Prior Session Information page at https://leg.colorado.gov/prior-session-information.

Journals for the most current session can be found
at separate pages for House and Senate.

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