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Negotiated sovereignty: intergovernmental agreements with American Indian tribes as models for expanding self-government
Foreword: the challenge of Rio
From Askhabad, to Wellton-Mohawk, to Los Angeles : the drought in water policy
Water reform: ideas whose time has come
American Indian law deskbook : Conference of Western Attorneys General (1993)
Conquering the cultural frontier : the new subjectivism of the Supreme Court in Indian law
Changing the river's course: western water policy reform
Law [Natural Resources Defense Council]
Dedication to Professor Ralph W. Johnson
Colorado River governance: sharing federal authority as an incentive to create a new institution
La gouvernance de bassin-versant : des limites naturelles pour des décisions relatives aux ressources naturelles
Dedication: Professor Albert E. Utton (1931-1998) [University of New Mexico Law School]
The metamorphosis of western water policy : have federal laws and local decisions eclipsed the states' role?
Beyond Indian law: the Rehnquist court's pursuit of states' rights, color-blind justice and mainstream values
The unsettling of the West: how Indians got the best water rights
Rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court as they affect the powers and authorities of the Indian tribal governments : hearing before the Committee on Indian Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Seventh Congress, second session on concerns of recent decisio
Water management in the United States and the fate of the Colorado River Delta in Mexico
Water wrongs: why can't we get it right the first time?
A tradition of scholarship in natural resources law
The legacy of the Bush II administration in natural resources: a work in progress